Martin Andreev

Personal Information:

  1. Describe yourself in three words: Martin Andreev Krasimirov
  2. What element of the workstation are you? – Software developement departament manager, or simply someone who is wandering around all day and everybody thinks he’s working :)
  3. You are best in … – Infuriating people around me.
  4. Why ‘We Work With You’? – To annoy Tommy.
  5. Your Chomolungma is … – World domination!
  6. Your motto: Live beyound your willdest dreams, never look back, never regret for what you have done.
  7. The eternal question is: Why it does not work … again?!
Others for Marty: Very responsible and hardworking. He makes the most popular web sites.
And more: Perfect combination of Wanting, Being able to and Do something.

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