Polycom HDX 7000


The Polycom HDX 7000 series provides flexible, affordable HD video conferencing for high-quality communication throughout mainstream workplace environments. Expanding the utility of visual communications quickly and easily, the Polycom HDX 7000 series is ideal for education, medical, enterprise, and on-demand collaboration applications.

Technical Overview

  • High definition video: Natural communication in 1280 x 720, with exceptional resolution even at lower data rates
  • High definition voice: Polycom Siren™22 and Polycom StereoSurround,offering superior audio performance
  • High definition content sharing: Enables graphic, presentation, and richmedia content sharing with HD or anyother video conferencing system and non-HD systems through People+Contentand People+Content IP
  • Embedded multipoint: Optional 4-way embedded multipoint bridge allows forgreater flexibility and participation
  • Flexible connectivity: Optional interfaces allow for easy access to yourBRI, PRI or V.35 network
  • Key element of a total Polycom videosolution Seamless integration with the Polycom RMX 2000™conference platform, Polycom ReadiManager®SE 200management and scheduling application,Polycom Video Media Center™— VMC 1000content management and multi-castingsolution, and Polycom RSS™2000 recording and streaming server.
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