Polycom HDX 9000

Общ преглед

The Polycom HDX 9000 Series provides the combined experience of the best end-to-end high definition voice, video and content sharing in point-to-point and multipoint video conferences; easy to use, including access to the highest quality of service, support and training.

Технически преглед

  • Up to 1280 x 720 resolution at 30fps (720p)
  • Maximum bandwidth: 6 Mbps for HDX 9004; 4 Mbps for HDX 9002 and HDX 9001
  • 5 HD video inputs (HDX 9004) / 4 (HDX 9002/HDX 9001), all with professional connectors: HDCI, Component (YbPbR), and DVI, along with professional Phoenix audio connectors
  • Professional grade connectors including BNC video and Phoenix audio connectors
  • Sophisticated set of APIs for custom room designs and applications
  • Ability to add peripherals such as HD-DVD, VCR, HD document camera, recording devices
  • POTS connection brings additional telephone or cell phone caller directly into the conference without tying up the conference phone
  • Supports any type of video display; plasmas, projectors, and LCDs

Polycom HDX 9000 Series Options:

  • Polycom EagleEye high definition camera offers flexibility with a 12x optical zoom, 72-degree viewing angle, and panning radius of 180 degrees
  • 4-way MPPlus enables the Polycom HDX 9000 series to have 4 port bridge capability
  • 8-way MPPlus enables the Polycom HDX 9004 to have 8 port bridge capability
  • Polycom People On Content—Presentations come alive when the presenter becomes part of the presentation
  • Polycom Vortex audio mixer allows for a variety of acoustical configurations to fit the need of any conference room or auditorium
  • Polycom Executive Collection – stylish carts and displays that complement any executive meeting room, classroom, or boardroom
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